Summer 2015…

Well – what can we say; the wettest summer on record in Scotland. This has been great for operating projects like Inverliever. Now that the Cam Loch storage scheme is operating we have been able to export power for very nearly 100% of the time so far. Just the odd grid failure has stopped the turbines.

On construction projects the Allt Mor scheme is making progress. the turbine is in and the power house and penstock nearly finished. But the weather has been hampering the intake construction. Friday 17th July saw one of the biggest rainfall events in living memory – there were cars floating down the roads of Perthshire. We saw it coming and other than a few bits of timber shuttering we lost nothing in the river – but it was a major clean up and rebuild of the cofferdam. It continues to rain but we are hoping to commission by the end of September.

Torrisdale is going well, not so affected by the rain with a good access track.  Commissioning will also be late September or early October.

The new UK government has pulled the Climate Change Levy and is consulting on Feed in Tariff legislation as far as pre-accreditation goes . The combine risks posed by these changes which were implemented without warning has led us to cancel our 1MW project in mutual agreement with the landowner. The problem is not so much the changes Per Se but the lack of a long vision that financiers can rely on…………is this the end of medium scale hydro in the UK?

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