Allt Mor Hydro

Our latest investment project in joint venture with the Dunalastair Estate. The 350kW Allt Mor project was commissioned in October 2015 and opened by John Swinney MSP in November 2015.  The scheme is one of the highest head small hydro projects in Scotland with a gross pressure head of 247m. Utilising a Coanda screen input and a Pelton turbine the scheme will deliver more than 1GWh to the grid each year.

The scheme has been designed with a unique power house which, in this popular walking location, will allow the public to view the operation of a small hydro scheme. The project is open for schools, colleges and community groups to learn about small hydro schemes. If you would like a tour just contact us.

Here is a short video about the project – video

The Allt Mor hydro is also directly connected to an Electric Vehicle charger. You can charge your car for free directly from renewable energy.

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