Inverliever Hydro

Our largest project to date. Operating since 2010 the Inverliever hydro project has a 71m pressure head feading a single Francis type turbine. The project delivers energy to the local 11kV network and has supplied more than 7.5GWh to the grid since commissioning in August 2010.

The project was upgraded in March 2014 with the addition of a 125kW Gilkes single jet Turgo turbine. This greatly improves the efficiency of the scheme when operating at low flow rates. In the future we hope to be able to use both turbines at the same time and increase the maximum output.

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The construction of the water storage scheme at the Cam Loch is nearly complete. The scheme has achieved an initial inspection certificate under the Reservoir Act 1975 and is allowed to impound 69,700 cubic meters of water. This scheme will further improve the Inverliever hydro scheme output and importantly will allow the dispatch of energy at times it is most needed.

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